We have the specialist technicians and engineers in place to examine and survey all structural elements, both above and below the water level.


The scope of the inspections and surveys will always be tailored to meet the individual requirements of our clients. On completion of all projects, an in-depth report is produced; detailing the location and extent of all defects, as well as suitable mitigation or repair solutions.


Structural inspections include, but are not limited to:

  • Single-span footbridges to multi-span viaducts
  • Marinas and harbour walls
  • Canal locks and weirs
  • Vessels and pontoons
  • Pipelines, cables and mooring chains   

Our inspections can incorporate:

  • Sub-surface video or photograph surveys
  • Engineer led surveys above and below the water
  • Live video/audio monitoring and recording
  • Scour surveys and assessments
  • Bathymetric surveys of river and seabed
  • Graphical representation of the bed in relation to the structure and previous examinations
  • Debris surveys and removal
  • Removal of hard and soft marine growth
    • Underwater maintenance scope
    • NDT 

We also provide:

  • Rapid response and emergency call out for the above infrastructure
  • Floodwater and river level monitoring


On Water Services

We are also able to provide many services which do not require diving including scour surveys and assessments.

Bridge scour is the removal of sediment such as sand and gravel from around bridge abutments or piers. Debris can also have a substantial impact on bridge scour in several ways; it can deflect the water flow, changing the angle of attack, and increasing local scour.

During flooding, although the foundations of a bridge might not suffer damage, the fill behind abutments may scour. The detection of scour damage can help to avoid bridge failure, thus increasing public safety.



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