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We offer a range of inspection services including, but not limited to, structures inspections – visual and tactile, site investigation, core investigation, paint inspection. The inspection of structures is paramount to the continuing smooth running and safety of the structure and the function it was designed to carry out.

Inspections can be carried out in many different ways using varying techniques depending on the structure in question and the accessibility to each element. Geckotech specialise in the application of technical access methods such as rope access getting our inspectors and engineers to all critical elements of an array of structures such as: BRIDGES, BUILDINGS, WIND TURBINES, TRIAL DIGS, SILOS, VESSELS and TANKS, SHIPS, MASTS, CLIFFS.

Geckotech Solutions Ltd offer professional engineer lead inspections using access techniques proven to be some of the safest world wide. All inspections are properly planned and executed including the organisation of all required ancillary services such as traffic management, enabling works.



Geckotech Solutions offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services, including preparation and coating, curtain walling and electrical.  We have considerable experience across a wide array of structures – from those of historical interest to modern high-rise tenements, and everything in between.

Maintenance and repair are needed to tackle the inevitable decay and deterioration of building fabric that occurs because of climatic conditions, wear and tear by building users, neglect or other threats.

The main objective of maintenance is to limit deterioration.  Maintenance is cost-effective, the time and money spent on routine care, regular surveys and minor repairs protect the value of the building.  Good maintenance also helps to ensure the health and safety of building users and the general public.


Our teams have worked on many civil and engineering projects since our inception in 2006; ranging from bridge examination and refurbishment to concrete inspections and repairs on dam structures. We have a team of qualified bridge examiners as well as project managers with a wealth of experience to tackle any project that requires our specialist access expertise.

We offer a wide range of services to the civil engineering sector, including examinations, NDT (Non-destructive Testing), core drilling, temporary works design for access solutions and ecological surveys.  We have also provided a wide range of services for engineering consultants including detailed dimensional surveys and defect inspections as well as intrusive investigation.


Geckotech Solutions has worked on numerous construction projects across the UK; including the electrification project on the Edinburgh to Glasgow railway line (EGIP) as well as the new Forth Crossing. Our project managers can help to guide you through the different access arrangements and work methods available on specific sites as well as carry out planning and ultimately the execution of the works. Our methods often prove to be the safest, quickest and most cost effective solutions with no compromise on quality.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to the construction sector including rigging & lifting, core drilling, tie bar and pattress installation, geotechnical works, soil/rock anchors and CAT scan cable detection.


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Geckotech Solutions Ltd has been supplying clients with access engineering solutions since 2006.

Providing safe, cost effective and sustainable access solutions is what we love doing; placing the appropriately certified operative in hard to reach locations to perform a multitude of tasks.

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