Moored on the River Thames, HMS Belfast is now part of the Imperial War Museums and was a warship that played a vital role during both the Second World War and Korean War. She launched in 1938 and is now the only surviving example of a large gun-armoured warship that was built for the Navy in the early part of the twentieth century.

After competing with many other specialist access companies (including cradle, marine and scaffolding experts) to tender for the job of re-painting the HMS Belfast, Geckotech Solutions Ltd successfully won the contract and completed their work in September 2013.

Approximately 1300 square metres of the hull of the HMS Belfast needed prepared and repainted, and the original camouflage design was replicated exactly like the original.

Despite the challenges posed by other river vessels on the Thames River, Geckotech completed the re-coating and painting work, improving the overall appearance of the ship and helping to prolong the life of the steelwork below.



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