Geckotech Solutions Ltd was recently asked to help with repair work at the Whiteadder Reservoir in East Lothian. The Whiteadder Reservoir supplies both East Lothian and Berwickshire, and has been in place since the late 1960s. It is fed by Whiteadder Water, which is a tributary of the River Tweed.

The client, Scottish Water, needed repairs to be undertaken on the concrete steps in a hard-to-access part of a bell-mouth spillway. A bell-mouth spillway looks at first glance like an enormous hole in the water. It is actually used to control the release of water flow in order to prevent flooding. A bell-mouth spillway is one which is designed like an inverted bell.
Scottish Water was looking for a team who could provide safe access to the spillway to allow a concrete repair firm to undertake repairs. They soon realised that Geckotech could not only access the project but could complete the necessary repairs themselves, making them the ideal candidates to complete both parts of the project. Geckotech also came highly recommended by previous clients.

The team managed to break out and repair over 200 linear meters of concrete throughout the spillway over a six week period. Cold weather made conditions difficult and the water levels near the spillway had to be monitored, due to its function as an overflow for the reservoir. The concrete, which had been deteriorating, was repaired to a satisfactory level prolonging its life.



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