Between August 2016 and September 2017, our teams were filmed by an independent TV company, Caledonia TV, whilst deployed on a variety of projects across Scotland,including the Forth Rail Bridge and the Viaducts of Inverbervie and Findhorn.  The result was a one hour documentary which was aired on BBC Alba on Wednesday 22nd November.

This documentary, focussing on our ability to ‘access the inaccessible’, provided a fantastic showcase for our work and an ideal opportunity to illustrate to the uninitiated the application of Industrial Rope Access techniques.  The cameras followed our operatives as they carried out inspection and maintenance on these substantial structures – and getting to touch history, quite literally, is not lost on team Gecko, particularly with regard to the Forth Rail Bridge.  It’s fantastic knowing it is not hugely accessible to everybody. Over the years, we have found original rivets and such like in some of the beams; and there are bits of the bridge which, if not untouched, have been touched lightly over the last 130 years, and only visited by a handful of people.

Caledonian TV high res images

In a lead-up to the programme, there was a great two page spread in the Sunday Mail – all in all, fantastic coverage for Geckotech Solutions.