We are delighted to sponsor this year’s ClimbScotland Festival 2017, taking place at EICA:Ratho on Saturday 17th June.

Climbing is an activity very close to the heart of Geckotech’s Managing Director, Stephen Pearson.  Prior to setting up the business, Stephen travelled the world pursuing his passion for climbing.

This passion ultimately led Stephen to the world of rope access.  Initially operating as a one-man show, he has grown Geckotech over the last 10 years into a very successful business.

When the business was initially established, it was essentially a rope access company.  That single discipline lends itself to so many different applications, with a rule of thumb that if the job can be done at ground level, it can pretty much be done at height.  The business has continued to expand its range of services over the last decade and we will continue to explore the potential of our engineering ‘solutions’.  With the experience and expertise in place across a wide skill-set, the possibilities are endless.  The future is bright for team Gecko – and it all began with climbing!