A particular highlight for the Geckotech team was the involvement of our rope technicians on all 3 crossings spanning the Forth simultaneously in one week in December 2015; the Rail Bridge, the Road Bridge and the latest addition, a new bridge, aptly named the Queensferry Crossing.

Rope access is the optimum method of access for such high level structures and we were able to supply a full complement of additional skills via our highly trained rope technicians.

The work on the Rail Bridge was general maintenance; and on the Queensferry Crossing the focus was on welding operations and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) inspections on the temporary towers.

Our involvement on the Road Bridge was as a result of the discovery of structural faults earlier in December which necessitated its temporary closure to allow examinations to be carried out to ascertain the cause and repairs required.  In addition to rope technicians, several of our structures examiners were also deployed.

The Road Bridge re-opened just before Christmas, although it was a further 2 months before HGVs were allowed back on.