ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY – Geckotech Solutions Business Management System

Ref No: GTS/POL/01

Issue: Rev 3


In recognition of the increasing demand for products and services to be environmentally sustainable, this document details the Geckotech environmental policy.

We expect everyone who works for and with Geckotech to apply the following core principles as agreed by our management team.

  • Geckotech will, wherever practical, use materials and products from sources which can be shown to be sustainable, and which are re-usable or can be recycled.
  • We will pay particular attention to the prevention of noise and pollution and to the careful use of pesticides, herbicides and toxic treatments. We will implement all practicable measures to avoid health hazards and ensure that our impact upon our environment is minimised during all of our activities.
  • Geckotech Solutions Ltd will continue to develop an environmentally aware approach to the management of the Company recognising also that sound management of energy and resources in land and materials cuts cost and create competitive advantages. Applicable legal requirements, statutory requirements and client requirements will be complied with at all times.
  • Geckotech Solutions Ltd will continue its philosophy of seeking to employ caring people promoting a sense of responsibility towards the environment by management and staff within their working role and in their home situations.
  • Geckotech Solutions Ltd will continue to develop and practice in house environmentally caring policies covering its use of premises, sites, plant and other assets. The Company will also continue to promote energy efficiency and sound environmentally sensitive practices.
  • Geckotech Solutions Ltd will achieve this policy by establishing a clear set of environmental objectives at Group level with each Division appointing a senior manager responsible for ensuring comprehensive implementation of these objectives.
  • Geckotech Solutions Ltd will use these objectives to ensure a process of continual improvement.
  • The policy will apply to all staff, contractors and any persons representing Geckotech Solutions Ltd.
  • The policy will be made available to staff, clients and the public upon request.
  • Whilst working under a principal contractor, the client policy will apply at all times.

Our Timber Procurement Policy requires that all timber and wood-derived products have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification, or in cases where it is not possible to source FSC-certified products, we will source from independently verifiable legal and sustainable sources.

This policy has been endorsed by Geckotech Solutions Ltd Managing Director who takes direct responsibility for its implementation and is committed to reviewing the policy on at least an annual basis or sooner by reason of legislative changes or other event.

Stephen Pearson
Managing Director May 2017


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