Geckotech Joining Forces with the Kiltwalk!

Geckotech Joining Forces with the Kiltwalk!

As part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations, we will have a significant presence at this year’s Edinburgh Kiltwalk, taking place on Sunday 18th September.  Geckotech Solutions is sponsoring the ‘Goodie Bag’ tent, which will be situated alongside registration – and we will also be hitting the road in big numbers, with ‘Team Gecko’ committed to the Mighty Stride option of 26 miles.

‘Team Gecko’ has an ambitious but wholly achievable fundraising target of £10,000 in aid of the STV Children’s Appeal.  If you would like to sponsor us, please click on

With so many fundraising events taking place throughout the year, there is undeniably an increasing number of ‘asks’ for sponsorship.   We would be delighted if you would consider helping us achieve our target; all donations, large or small, would be so very much appreciated.  100% of whatever we raise will be donated to the STV Children’s Appeal where it will be redistributed across hundreds of projects that help Scotland’s most vulnerable children throughout the country.

The Mighty Stride will take us through our beautiful capital city, passing through Gypsy Brae, Granton Harbour and Victoria Park, crossing the cobbles of Leith to then along Edinburgh’s lovely Promenade. Then it’s back inland heading for Arthur’s Seat, and a glance at the Palace before hitting the home stretch to enjoy the final celebrations.

To quote the Kiltwalk website:

There are too many children on our doorstep in Scotland living with poverty and illness. For a country of our size and achievements, this simply shouldn’t be the case – but together we can make a difference. We won’t give up until every child receives the support they deserve.

Every year our walkers unite to raise funds and pay tribute to the many amazing and brave children who have touched their lives. Some walk to remember the courageous children who were taken too soon, some walk for the children who are fighting serious illness, and others walk to change lives of children in Scotland who are in most need of our help, whoever they may be.”

Taking part in this event will give us an unforgettable opportunity to support a very worthwhile cause, contributing to communities across the length and breadth of the country; whilst getting ourselves in shape for the next decade!


Focus on the Forth – December 2015

Focus on the Forth – December 2015

A particular highlight for the Geckotech team was the involvement of our rope technicians on all 3 crossings spanning the Forth simultaneously in one week in December 2015; the Rail Bridge, the Road Bridge and the latest addition, a new bridge, aptly named the Queensferry Crossing.

Rope access is the optimum method of access for such high level structures and we were able to supply a full complement of additional skills via our highly trained rope technicians.

The work on the Rail Bridge was general maintenance; and on the Queensferry Crossing the focus was on welding operations and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) inspections on the temporary towers.

Our involvement on the Road Bridge was as a result of the discovery of structural faults earlier in December which necessitated its temporary closure to allow examinations to be carried out to ascertain the cause and repairs required.  In addition to rope technicians, several of our structures examiners were also deployed.

The Road Bridge re-opened just before Christmas, although it was a further 2 months before HGVs were allowed back on.

Expansion of Services

Expansion of Services

Following a successful audit by Achilles in January 2016, we are now authorised to provide commercial diving services, including inspection and survey.  We are excited about this addition to our portfolio and look forward to engaging with new and existing clients.

Since September 2015, we have also been carrying out underwater and scour examinations.  These examinations are carried out by a select number of our specialist engineers.

The scope of the underwater examinations is to examine any structure elements which are affected by the watercourse. The affected elements or spans are examined both below water level and to 2m above high water level mark. Any elements which are deeper than 2m within the watercourse are required to be dived.

Edinburgh – Glasgow Rail Improvement Programme (EGIP)

Edinburgh – Glasgow Rail Improvement Programme (EGIP)

The Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) is a comprehensive package of improvements to Scotland’s railway infrastructure.

We have had a substantial team involved in this project since July 2015 on 6 railway viaduct structures along the Edinburgh/Glasgow line.  A major element of the scheme is the electrification of the Edinburgh & Glasgow lines to facilitate the running of electric services by December 2016.

Over the course of the programme, our team will be working on 6 railway viaduct structures along this line where operatives will be undertaking various specialist tasks.

This particular project showcases the wide range of skills on offer from Geckotech Solutions Limited; whether at high level for the installation of Overhead Line Equipment (OHLE) portal frame brackets; or ground level carrying out site investigation and foundational works.

Forth Rail Bridge – 3D Scanning

Forth Rail Bridge – 3D Scanning

The Forth Bridge is one of the world’s most recognisable landmarks.  It was a milestone in engineering history when it opened 125 years ago.  It was a hugely significant technical feat and today remains an icon of Scotland.

We were delighted to have the opportunity in the summer of 2015 to work on this iconic structure in conjunction with The Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation (CDDV), a partnership established by Historic Scotland and The Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio.

The scanning of the Forth Rail Bridge was a follow on to the Scottish Ten project which commenced in 2009 and set out to digitally document Scotland’s five World Heritage sites and five international heritage sites, in order to better understand how to conserve and manage them.  The Scottish Ten was completed in Spring-Summer 2015.

A team of our specialist rope access technicians were there to assist the CDDV team in reaching less accessible parts of the bridge.  We carried out 3D laser scanning of the structure from various vantage points, including the upper walkways and from each of the caissons at the base of the cantilevers as well as from the Towers at the North and South ends of the bridge.